Streamline learning with Chromebook and Chrome Education Upgrade

Enhance education experiences for teachers and learners using Chromebook with Chrome Education Upgrade.

Long-life battery

Starts in seconds

Easy to use

Built-in virus protection

Chrome Education Upgrade makes it easy to tailor your Chrome OS environment around the unique needs of your school community. Pairing enhanced management and full security with boosted support capabilities empowers IT to deliver enhanced learning experiences from anywhere, anytime.

Fast boot time and auto-updates

Get started in seconds. Chromebooks boot up in seconds and update automatically for peak performance. Plus, with the best of Google built-in and Chromebook App Hub ready to go, devices stay fast over time.

All-day battery life

Streamline learning. Chromebooks come with extended battery life for students and teachers to learn, create, and collaborate - completely cord free.

Upgrade to easy

Using a Chromebook is simple. With apps at your fingertips and an intuitive, easy-to-use design, you can just flip it open and get going. No long load times or confusing setups.

Built-in security

Chromebooks keep safety top of mind. Automatically update every several weeks and stay protected against security threats with a verified boot process that returns to a safer version if malicious changes are detected.

Apps at the ready

Access all the apps educators love, for every subject and grade in the Chromebook App Hub.

Simplify with Chrome Education Upgrade

Empower IT to create enhanced learning environments for teachers and learners with the enhanced management, security, and support capabilities of Chrome Education Upgrade.

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with Chrome Education Upgrade today.

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